Newsletter 2020 Newsletter 2020

Newsletter 2020

We are unpacking and relaunching our Massage range with colourful new labelling!

Newsletter 2019 Newsletter 2019

Newsletter 2019

Australia is the hottest, driest continent on earth. When rain falls, it tends to fall in large amounts at one time, so the plants and animals have evolved to cope...

Newsletter 2017 Newsletter 2017

Newsletter 2017

We are very happy to new genuine Santalum album (Indian type) Sandalwood oil from plantations in the northern tip of Western Australia...

Newsletter 2016 Newsletter 2016

Newsletter 2016

On the high plateau d'Albion in Provence, in sight of Mont Ventoux, the Fra family have been growing and distilling Lavender since 1916...

Newsletter 2015 Newsletter 2015

Newsletter 2015

When we started the business back in 1984, there were very few organic essential oils available. It was not until aromatherapy, organic food...